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Solo fool show
A fool mirrors life as it is, inviting us to question what is normal and what is natural.
A lunatic– someone who would lose or enjoy their reason
A solo show where a thousand characters hustle off stage for a chance to get on, leaving you wondering if it’s right to call it a solo.
Using Dance Mime Gossip and Lies, franki creates a make believe world that is somehow surprisingly true
Her grasshopper mind manages to bring emotional truth to the ridiculous
Fool moves spontaneously from moment to moment, reclaiming the stage on behalf of her audience
Although franki works without a script, this piece of theatre is the spirit of PLAY ‘full of sound and fury signifying nothing’
The cards she deals are those of the absurd and yet familiar; the comic tragedy of being human
Internationally acclaimed as a performer, director and workshop leader, Theatre was the game she played as a child and has continued to play to this day
lunaFranki’s show was magic, she seems to be able to psychically intuit stories out of the audiences unconscious.’ Audience feedback 
What the press have said about Franki 
Compelling’ ‘a rare bird’ Daily Telegraph
One of Britain’s few female clowns’ ‘a natural pathos’ Western Mail
Amusing and enjoyable’ ‘engagingly good natured’ The Stage