Franki Anderson

Home, where love livesjump grey
A place to play
A safe space to take risks
To be valued for the person you are
Create a Sacred space –
to step out of normality
and Play with all your being
Outside of Cronos time

My work has evolved over many years, I have dissected the fundamental relationships that makes theatre . I have examined how performance is created and prepared and have explored the sacred role of the audience.

I believe, for intuitive theatre to flower it is essential for players to embrace the role of the audience in an open non judgemental way. When working at a deep level, performance is created in the moment, and is engaging, relevant and fulfilling for both players and the audience.

My work can be used as a foundation for all forms of creativity. Participants range from performers of all media, theatre, dance, music, poetry, circus to teachers, priests, visual artists, writers, film makers and the curious who wish to find more in themselves after a lifetime of work to others strictures.

This site is written in the third person where the text is needed for publicity purposes, for the rest I like to speak directly to you. I am not a writer, I am developing the craft, but I haven’t put in nearly enough hours to express myself freely in this way. I am a theatre player and I hope to add video footage to this site in order to communicate what I want to communicate.

Thank you for spending time with me, I hope you find something to enjoy here.