This workshop is about reclaiming a passion for expression with our bodies, dancing with whatever is present in the moment. Through exploration of simple formulas of movement, we can increase our movement vocabulary and freedom of expression. We will explore our own unique way of moving acknowledging that everyone is different. From self-awareness exercises we will easily create spontaneous group, duo and solo dances.
 Benefits are; Confidence to ‘get up and dance’, increased movement and body awareness and a sense of enjoyment.
Suitable for; those who want to dance (and think they can’t)
Those who do dance (and want to increase their vocabulary and awareness)
Including teachers, practitioners, therapists and those who use movement for their own developmental process.
 ‘I don’t teach people how to dance; I show them that they already can.’

Movement Awareness

“As a child your instinct guided you to co-ordinate your movements with harmony and grace. You ran, jumped and climbed, loving to do it, over and over again with ease and with boundless energy, as a direct need of the life bursting forth from within you”Ruthy Alon ~ Mindful Spontaneity

Somewhere along the way we lose this ability, or should I say it gets blocked, and we move out of habit, formed by “the heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks, that flesh is heir to” (Hamlet). Our natural flow is bound by fear and compliance, obeying elders’ orders to keep still or do as we are told, until we become stiff and immobile and bound by habitual limitations.
I am interested in exploring the fluidity of the body and releasing blockages through gentle exercises in listening awareness, finding our instinctual co-ordination, harmony and grace. I find Awareness Through Movement brings an ease of movement and healing, releases creativity and brings a sense of connectedness to myself, others and to nature.
Awareness Through Movement is a way of reclaiming our natural freedom, our dignity of being sovereign of our own bodies and actions, able to make choices towards a life we long for. I focus on the movement and dance elements of the fools work, encompassing Feldenkrais and Laban movement, and influenced by a wide range of practices from Tai Chi to Tango.
Open to anyone who wants to dance life into their body, or in other words encourage our animating force to take charge of our body and revel in the dance, there-by realizing our selves more fully.

Joy of Dance

A blend of social dancing and personal development
In Joy of Dance evenings, I will offer movement themes for dancers to explore alone, in duets and in groups. The emphasis will be the enjoyment of the body moving, the freedom of a large space to move in, and some lovely world music to move to, in a playful environment.
There are 3 parts to this workshop
1. Finding your own personal dance, moving alone, from an internal place
2. Partner dancing, exploring the dynamics of leading and following until as a duo you can’t quite tell who is leading, that’s when it’s magic. No steps to learn just a sense of play.
3. Flocking, I got this from watching birds, how they seem to move with one mind, yet each bird has the freedom to fly away and do it’s own thing when ever they want. Such a joy and yet so simple.
There may well be times when you feel self-conscious, but usually people are amazed by how quickly that passes. When the mind takes a backseat the body can have fun, sometimes it’s challenging when you meet blockages but movement is a powerful healer. This is a wonderful experience for people who previously thought they couldn’t dance, as I firmly believe that everyone can once the shame of judgments has been lifted.
Many people have said they don’t like dancing, but they love this….