All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances And one man in his time plays many parts (As You Like it. Shakespeare)



Franki’s work as a theatre director and consultant includes, artistic director of ‘The Troubadours’ a performing group of fools.

The Troubadours are Travelling Players, fools, actors, minstrels, and dancers, stand up comics, poets and storytellers, they come to entertain, and transform with their theatrical antics. Their ‘plays’, the comic tragedy of life, reflect the human condition and the absurdities of community life, the tragedy of the norm, and the joy of being.

The players bring with them the uniqueness of their differing cultures – Dutch, Italian, German and English and their celebration of travelling and playing together.

The Troubadours’ work is geared to the needs of each individual event, so that each event is unique.

The Troubadours, can play:spies




Site-specific venues,

Street (Creating drama that involves the public as spect-actors)

All Troubadours are trained in the empty space research studio, and are part of a research project investigating performing as fools both as a group and solo. The empty space work can be used both directly in relationship with an audience and as a process of devising either completely choreographed pieces or structures for loosely devised pieces.

Working with Themes: plays, myths, situations, issues and topics, foolish renditions of classic themes such as Love/Sexual Relationships, Power, Money Birth and Death, the foolish group explores specific great and petty dramatic themes.

Playing in Styles: Music, Dance, Drama and Comedy

Audience development:

queue spys
in order to share the treasures that occur in the empty space, groups of fools are in the process of developing  relationships with their local audiences, who need to be trained in the art of being an audience, in order to commune with players in a theatrical space that is sacred.  In this fools are pioneers, inviting audiences to be present to a theatre experience which is both touching and irreverent.