Newsletter Winter 2016

Newsletter Winter 2016

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Winter 2015/6





1st Tues+Wed of every month Cornwall

Open Weekend Workshops

March 5/6 Berlin (Full)

April 23/24 Bristol

May (To be confirmed) Cornwall

Intensive 5 day workshops

for those with some experience

March 17 to 21 (Thur to Mon) Berlin

If you want to organise a workshop in your area or want to bring or initiate a group to Cornwall please email

Dance The Body Alive

Continues at Crackington Institute, on the new date of the 1st Friday of the month (except Apr when it will be the 2nd Friday the 8th)

From 7.30 to 9.30

Later in the year there will be some daytime workshops to explore movement in more depth.

F.F.I e-mail:


Two FoolTime Trainings

in Cornwall 2016

Here are two ongoing group trainings that will commence in early 2016. These trainings will continue to be experience, process and play based but will include a strong element of structure, theory and practice, in order to increase skills and awareness.

1: Facilitation Training

A series of modules for facilitators who want to deepen their understanding and practice.

(meeting for 10 days over one year)

The first 10 day Module will cover



This facilitation module is an introduction to the basics of the Psychology of the Selves, using Voice Dialogue, as a core model and drawing on techniques from; Psychosynthesis, Pesso Boyden Psycho-motor, Constellation and Psycho Drama.   This training is both experiential and theoretical (theory following experience). Designed for those who want to deepen their understanding of the work, in order to develop themselves as both facilitators and players. To share support and exploration of relevant models for those who are assisting others in their process to become more creative, more fully who they are and to live a playful life in whatever path they have chosen.

Groups will be of between 4 and 6 participants

Led by: Jo Macrea and Franki Anderson

Dates: (To be confirmed) or can be arranged according to group need.

Please inquire if interested

There will be more modules on different subjects offered at a later date. There will be other tutors (as well as Franki) offering their expert experience on these modules.


2: Troubadour Training


Troubadours 1999

or Traveling Players

(meeting for 6 weeks over each year)

The search is a lifelong process. It’s not about arriving – it’s about being here now – on the journey of life….

For Players who want to develop their performance skills, find their creative expression and explore sharing it with a public audience. Working together as a small company offering mutual support for individual development. This journey is about finding your life’s work, a search not just about product but also process, that is not only a means for making a living but as a way to grow into who you are….

Players must have experience of Fooling with Franki, and have completed at least a fool week workshop. 6 company members will be chosen according to experience.

The Troubadour Training has been initiated by Christie, here is her message to potential applicants:

Being human, what a mysterious, scary and exciting journey. As I continue the journey of opening myself and showing up with my play and with my music I feel a strong, soft and old voice in me encouraging me to tap even more in the resource-fulness mystery of who I am and do this alchemical movement which is to share that with the world.

And then a longing rises; an ability to meet and reach different audiences; in a cabaret, in the street, in a cafe, .. .   What is more beautiful than touching others with what I really am. What a natural thing, in theory at least. Cause they are challenges, beliefs, fear, confusions on the way.   I am now feeling the need of a safe contenant to explore all of that.   From my core being, I invited Franki to create a journey in which all the issue I/we, am/are confronted with can be explored it and addressed on the way.

So here we are Mesdames et Monsieurs,   the “Troubadour training” is being born with the New year coming!

Do contact me as soon as possible for further informations.     christiede(at)

We are looking for a team of 6 people, feeling the pull to journey together this way. Once you contact me   we will craft together times to meet and journey together, depending on each others availability.   And the story will start….


And my thoughts on the training:     Franki

My adult fools journey began by taking, characters onto the London underground my company “Little Big Theatre” wanted to explore playing ‘anywhere other than conventional theatre spaces’ – These early ‘invisible theatre’ plays evolved into street theatre, where I soon realised that the lessons I learned while hitch-hiking were the same – how to get that magic lift and how to connect with that magic audience. Both hitch-hiking and busking led me on many a fantastic adventure, from a Parisian police cell to the National Theatre. I met so many people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and went to so many places I never knew existed.

Living in the moment (no bookings) and trusting what life brings, that what comes is a manifestation of ones inner journey made visible. I stopped busking in London when Covent Garden asked players to sign in (booking) and have a licence. The game became a competition for money! I wasn’t interested in playing, preferring to stay in the magical world of “if I am true to myself and open to the world – my needs will be met as I meet the needs of others with my talent and joy as a player”.

It is this quality and experience I wish to share as a facilitator/director on this journey.

The last Troubadour Training ran from 1998 to 1999 10 players, 4 countries, priceless adventures.

All the best Franki

Finally I would like to share the image/message below with you, and wish you a wonderfool creative life.

blessed are

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