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Nothing is happening

Nothing is happening

Autumn Equinox sunset

Autumn winds tug and pull at leaves, still hanging on for dear life to trees, reluctant to accept that another summer is gone.
Nothing is happening
There has been little posted on this site from me, and no newsletter since last spring, no workshop announcements,and yet I seem to be as busy as ever, still finding it hard to carve out time for writing my book/s.
My regular PlayDays and Dance evenings are flourishing. Groups get together and book workshops with me, players have Skype sessions, mini workshops and show development sessions here in the studio, I have started to play my solo show Luna regularly. Plans are afoot for a project that will both be a performance and facilitation training experience. Plus a series of events and happenings that make us feel excited and hopeful for a foolish future.
Word and mouth and connecting personally are still my favourite method of communicating.
I have been obstructed by cyber technology yet again, mail out systems that did work, stopped working and essential database work on the mail list keeps getting interrupted by real life (and in a recent case death). So my website and mail list languish in a corner of my mind, visited for intensive week long work, and then lost as the next project takes over….. Yes I need an administrator to deal with this kind of work, someone who enjoys playing with databases, until that need is foolfilled I continue to happily fail at keeping up with modern internet based communication methods.
Maybe I am going to become a secret to balance out the people who are currently over exposed on social media….
Meanwhile I hope to be in top of this website stuff before the year is out.

Newsletter Winter 2016

Newsletter Winter 2016

Fools Newsletter    Trifool

Winter 2015/6





1st Tues+Wed of every month Cornwall

Open Weekend Workshops

March 5/6 Berlin (Full)

April 23/24 Bristol

May (To be confirmed) Cornwall

Intensive 5 day workshops

for those with some experience

March 17 to 21 (Thur to Mon) Berlin

If you want to organise a workshop in your area or want to bring or initiate a group to Cornwall please email

Dance The Body Alive

Continues at Crackington Institute, on the new date of the 1st Friday of the month (except Apr when it will be the 2nd Friday the 8th)

From 7.30 to 9.30

Later in the year there will be some daytime workshops to explore movement in more depth.

F.F.I e-mail:


Two FoolTime Trainings

in Cornwall 2016

Here are two ongoing group trainings that will commence in early 2016. These trainings will continue to be experience, process and play based but will include a strong element of structure, theory and practice, in order to increase skills and awareness.

1: Facilitation Training

A series of modules for facilitators who want to deepen their understanding and practice.

(meeting for 10 days over one year)

The first 10 day Module will cover



This facilitation module is an introduction to the basics of the Psychology of the Selves, using Voice Dialogue, as a core model and drawing on techniques from; Psychosynthesis, Pesso Boyden Psycho-motor, Constellation and Psycho Drama.   This training is both experiential and theoretical (theory following experience). Designed for those who want to deepen their understanding of the work, in order to develop themselves as both facilitators and players. To share support and exploration of relevant models for those who are assisting others in their process to become more creative, more fully who they are and to live a playful life in whatever path they have chosen.

Groups will be of between 4 and 6 participants

Led by: Jo Macrea and Franki Anderson

Dates: (To be confirmed) or can be arranged according to group need.

Please inquire if interested

There will be more modules on different subjects offered at a later date. There will be other tutors (as well as Franki) offering their expert experience on these modules.


2: Troubadour Training


Troubadours 1999

or Traveling Players

(meeting for 6 weeks over each year)

The search is a lifelong process. It’s not about arriving – it’s about being here now – on the journey of life….

For Players who want to develop their performance skills, find their creative expression and explore sharing it with a public audience. Working together as a small company offering mutual support for individual development. This journey is about finding your life’s work, a search not just about product but also process, that is not only a means for making a living but as a way to grow into who you are….

Players must have experience of Fooling with Franki, and have completed at least a fool week workshop. 6 company members will be chosen according to experience.

The Troubadour Training has been initiated by Christie, here is her message to potential applicants:

Being human, what a mysterious, scary and exciting journey. As I continue the journey of opening myself and showing up with my play and with my music I feel a strong, soft and old voice in me encouraging me to tap even more in the resource-fulness mystery of who I am and do this alchemical movement which is to share that with the world.

And then a longing rises; an ability to meet and reach different audiences; in a cabaret, in the street, in a cafe, .. .   What is more beautiful than touching others with what I really am. What a natural thing, in theory at least. Cause they are challenges, beliefs, fear, confusions on the way.   I am now feeling the need of a safe contenant to explore all of that.   From my core being, I invited Franki to create a journey in which all the issue I/we, am/are confronted with can be explored it and addressed on the way.

So here we are Mesdames et Monsieurs,   the “Troubadour training” is being born with the New year coming!

Do contact me as soon as possible for further informations.     christiede(at)

We are looking for a team of 6 people, feeling the pull to journey together this way. Once you contact me   we will craft together times to meet and journey together, depending on each others availability.   And the story will start….


And my thoughts on the training:     Franki

My adult fools journey began by taking, characters onto the London underground my company “Little Big Theatre” wanted to explore playing ‘anywhere other than conventional theatre spaces’ – These early ‘invisible theatre’ plays evolved into street theatre, where I soon realised that the lessons I learned while hitch-hiking were the same – how to get that magic lift and how to connect with that magic audience. Both hitch-hiking and busking led me on many a fantastic adventure, from a Parisian police cell to the National Theatre. I met so many people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and went to so many places I never knew existed.

Living in the moment (no bookings) and trusting what life brings, that what comes is a manifestation of ones inner journey made visible. I stopped busking in London when Covent Garden asked players to sign in (booking) and have a licence. The game became a competition for money! I wasn’t interested in playing, preferring to stay in the magical world of “if I am true to myself and open to the world – my needs will be met as I meet the needs of others with my talent and joy as a player”.

It is this quality and experience I wish to share as a facilitator/director on this journey.

The last Troubadour Training ran from 1998 to 1999 10 players, 4 countries, priceless adventures.

All the best Franki

Finally I would like to share the image/message below with you, and wish you a wonderfool creative life.

blessed are

New Year (of the Monkey)

New Year (of the Monkey)
A Flying Leap into the unknown

A Flying Leap into the unknown

If anyone has tried to visit this site in the last year, they will have noticed that I didn’t keep it updated, as I became disheartened by the site being taken down weekly by hackers and so rendering it useless. Now thanks to the kind help  of Kevin, who volunteered to take on the problem, it has now been stable long enough for me to feel safe to use it again, thank you so much Kevin.

This year will bring the completion of our new Studio in Cornwall, we have been using it in its part finished state since last summer, monthly PlayDay participants have enjoyed seeing and benefiting from successive months development by Ray the intrepid foolish builder, who has seen the building through 3 weeks of building site and one week of cosy playing space.

Our next challenge will be to learn to live in it! Having our own space is a dream come true, but we are aware that the transition from dream to reality can often be disorientating as the familiar even when dissatisfying is what we are used to and therefor feels comfortable and safe. So we are taking things easy this summer in order to allow time to process changes. Someone once said “If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got“. Look out for our opening party, sometime in the summer!

Well this is by way of entering into a relationship with this website again and you it’s reader, thank you for coming, I hope to improve things over time so it serves us as a communication space.

All the very best


Fools Times Spring 2014

Fools Times Spring 2014
Fools Times  Spring 2014
Regular practice
The first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month, can be taken separately or together. 
Small group, booking is essential
For Penzance PlayDays contact Daniela
New* Regular
Dance the Body Alive 
Tintagel First Monday of the month Contact: Ali
Crackington Haven Third Friday of the month Contact:
Bradford Peverell near Dorchester
March 1st &2nd
Contact: Jo Macrea   
or telephone Jo on 0044 (0)1305 777472
March 15th & 16th (open to all)
Contact: Kerstin:
April 5th & 6th (open to all)
April 7th to 11th (for those with experience)
Contact: Marielle:
May 17th & 18th (open to all)
June 21st & 22nd Solstice (Midsummer’s Night Dreaming) (for those with experience)
Contact: Franki:
July 14 to 20 
A project for Fools who have a show to come together and play their solo’s and also explore playing a group show…..
Contact me if you have a show and are interested in participating, more news later for audience involvement
To be arranged:
A facilitators week (or weekend) maybe Germany maybe Tintagel .
Let me know if you are interested

Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter


Hello Folks

Sadly saying good-bye to a most productive summer. So many people came to stay and play, make theatre, conversation, music and poetry, swim and walk the coast paths, lounge and dine in the newly decorated “Betty Blue”, our shed on legs, and generally have a thoroughly creative time. We explored many stages in the landscape and had very positive feedback for our spontaneous, playful expressions from people with smiling faces, wanting more, saying it is so good to see something happening in North Cornwall. Hopefully the seed is planted for some bigger events to happen next year (with any luck we will get the sunshine again too).

XXI Century Commedia Dell’Arte was an exploration into the archetypal power characters (or devilish masks) that are still alive and well in our lives today. We improvised our way through scenario’s and Lazzi under the direction of Lorenzo, who shared his experience of the Italian Comedy form, giving us a structure to explore some very powerful issues facing us today. Again seeds planted, it is hoped that the work continues with an ongoing research company.

Along with many more weeks of play, we had a digger Fest. A weekend with a massive digger and a dumper truck to move a hill, making space for the new studio! Dramatically changing the landscape is quite disconcerting as well as exciting, we can now see what the view will be like from our playing space.

Another event, that will probably become an annual one in the future, was the Wild Poetry Week, were a group of Devon and Cornish poets came to the quarry to write, draw, paint and sculpt with mentor Irit, who came over from Israel to spend the week with us. The landscape is now dotted with words and images to surprise and delight.

Now as I look forwards to the Autumn and the birth of another child into my family I do so with such rich memories of tears and laughter, stories shared and dances danced, music played and wonderful feasts prepared and relished with the most wonderful people, open hearted, emotionally expressive and uniquely talented each and every one. 

Looking forwards to playing with you soon

May the show go on and on



I love this Quote from Martha Graham

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you.”


Fool Master-class

19+20 October  (weekend)

In this seminar we will look at many of the working methods used by Franki to help free players into the joy of playing.

This seminar is for people who have experience of Franki’s work, either with her or another facilitator who uses her Foolosophy, method and process. This is an ideal seminar for those Fools who have experience of their own shows and would like to know more about the facilitation process, whilst also being suitable for anyone interested in taking the work deeper into their own practice. Playing is the key to all creative acts.

Being and Performing

Using sound, dance and story to create theatre of the fool.

21 -25 October (week)

(for experienced/performing fools)

“What do I do between workshops/shows to keep my player alive?”

In this workshop we will seek to address the question of ones personal practice; Intensifying ‘being’ to deepen the quality of connection with ones-selves and an audience.

Working on and with our-selves, tuning in, listening, paying attention to the body, sound, form, inner voices, impulses and the playing space.

We will also explore; how to practice before and after a performance, in order to free up blockages and play. As well as regular practice as a meditation to keep your player alive and present in the moment.

ffi + to book Contact Kerstin,  kerstin(at)



Dance the Body Alive: Sept 2nd, Oct 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd,

Play Days: Sept 3+4, Oct 1+2, Nov 5+6, Dec 3+4

The Fool Weekend; Berlin Oct 19+20

Being and Performing: Berlin 21-25



Midsummer News

Midsummer News

Pic 1 July 2013

Here is the latest line up of Fooling Workshops in Cornwall and Berlin

JulyPic 2 July 2013
1st Dance Evening Contact: 01288 361 14113+14
The Fool Workshop17+18 The Fool Workshop

5th Dance Evening
August 19th-23rd 21st Century Commedia dell’ Arte
With Lorenzo Bocchese

Dance and Play Days Tintagel  1st Mon. Tue. and Wed of the month
September 13+14 The Fool Workshop Tintagel

The Fool in Berlin 9+20 October Fool Master-class
21-25 October (for experienced fools)

And here is more information about the above line up of dates:


Pic 3 July 2013July

“dance the body alive”
Evening in Tintagel. Time to let your body do what it wants to do in the company of other movers who enjoy being in their bodies. Monday 1st 7-10pm (first Monday of every month) FFI. contact: Ali 01288 361 141

“Play Days”

For fools who know the game already and want to practice. Tintagel (first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month) FFI contact: Franki actoflife(at)

“The Fool”

Time to Play, learn or reprise to the basic plot and explore your fool.

Weekend July 13/14   and / or
Wed/Thurs July 17th 18th.



The Empty Space Research programme presentsPic 4 July 2013

21st Century Commedia dell’ Arte
With Lorenzo Bocchese
August 19th-23rd

Only 5 places on this research workshop for people with fooling experience.

XXI Century Commedia dell’Arte

Definitely, one of the most important contribution in history Italy has given to Theatre is Commedia dell’Arte.

Stories that – in improvisation – for instance connect love and power, conventions and mischief, reality of the feelings and reality of relationships. Archetypal characters, that can wear masks, play and express using their “lazzi” – their routines – sometimes in awareness, sometimes not.

Is this all still alive and actual? Can Commedia dell’Arte be a living theatre style in our third millennium?

This workshop offers a smiling “YES” to these questions. The idea is to explore together who are the Commedia characters nowadays, stereotyped masks that we all know because we meet them every day. And what archetypal stories they play, stories that the audience can smile at in recognition and mirror in lightness.

Starting from daily life own experience, improvisation will serve us as a tool to explore rather than a language to study.

Pic 5 July 2013 About Lorenzo – Player and director,

I play and run impro workshops since 1994.

I grew up with Commedia all around me as part of my culture. I started performing in 1990, or earlier, touring throughout Italy, playing in town and village squares with the world as our scenery. It was a wonderful and challenging opportunity to develop as a player and a theatre maker, enjoying playing servants because they are more interesting as characters.

I am an Italian Fool. All my work uses Fooling as a fundamental tool. I met with Franki in 1996, and worked with her all over Europe both as a player, as an assistant and as her Italian organiser and translator.

As far as I see it, Fooling is a wonderful way to explore Commedia dell’Arte.

Contact Lorenzo: Lorenzo(at)           Web:

Booking closes July28th


AutumnPic 6 July 2013

the fool workshops

The Fool in Tintagel Dance and Play Days   1st Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of the month

The Fool Workshop

Weekend September 13+14   Contact: franki(at)

Two Fool Semnars in Berlin

19+20 October Fool Master-class (is that an oxymoron?)


21-25 October (for experienced fools)    Being and Performing

Intensifying levels of being to deepen the quality of connection with ones-selves and an audience and bringing it to playfulness.

ffi + to book Contact Kerstin, kerstin(at)

Booking closes on August 31st.



June workshop Full, extra date July

June workshop Full, extra date July

Dearest Fools

The June Fools Weekend is now full, sorry if you are disappointed this time.
As there were quite a few for whom the June dates didn’t work, and there are some who didn’t get a space this time, I will run another group in July.
I propose (out of habit) a weekend; July 13+14, 
However I would be interested to know if weekdays are more interesting, as I could do Wednesday and Thursday either before of after that weekend, so if this is your preference please let me know now.
So excited that there are so many wanting to play!