Midsummer News

Midsummer News

Pic 1 July 2013

Here is the latest line up of Fooling Workshops in Cornwall and Berlin

JulyPic 2 July 2013
1st Dance Evening Contact: 01288 361 14113+14
The Fool Workshop17+18 The Fool Workshop

5th Dance Evening
August 19th-23rd 21st Century Commedia dell’ Arte
With Lorenzo Bocchese

Dance and Play Days Tintagel  1st Mon. Tue. and Wed of the month
September 13+14 The Fool Workshop Tintagel

The Fool in Berlin 9+20 October Fool Master-class
21-25 October (for experienced fools)

And here is more information about the above line up of dates:


Pic 3 July 2013July

“dance the body alive”
Evening in Tintagel. Time to let your body do what it wants to do in the company of other movers who enjoy being in their bodies. Monday 1st 7-10pm (first Monday of every month) FFI. contact: Ali 01288 361 141

“Play Days”

For fools who know the game already and want to practice. Tintagel (first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month) FFI contact: Franki actoflife(at)hotmail.com

“The Fool”

Time to Play, learn or reprise to the basic plot and explore your fool.

Weekend July 13/14   and / or
Wed/Thurs July 17th 18th.



The Empty Space Research programme presentsPic 4 July 2013

21st Century Commedia dell’ Arte
With Lorenzo Bocchese
August 19th-23rd

Only 5 places on this research workshop for people with fooling experience.

XXI Century Commedia dell’Arte

Definitely, one of the most important contribution in history Italy has given to Theatre is Commedia dell’Arte.

Stories that – in improvisation – for instance connect love and power, conventions and mischief, reality of the feelings and reality of relationships. Archetypal characters, that can wear masks, play and express using their “lazzi” – their routines – sometimes in awareness, sometimes not.

Is this all still alive and actual? Can Commedia dell’Arte be a living theatre style in our third millennium?

This workshop offers a smiling “YES” to these questions. The idea is to explore together who are the Commedia characters nowadays, stereotyped masks that we all know because we meet them every day. And what archetypal stories they play, stories that the audience can smile at in recognition and mirror in lightness.

Starting from daily life own experience, improvisation will serve us as a tool to explore rather than a language to study.

Pic 5 July 2013 About Lorenzo – Player and director,

I play and run impro workshops since 1994.

I grew up with Commedia all around me as part of my culture. I started performing in 1990, or earlier, touring throughout Italy, playing in town and village squares with the world as our scenery. It was a wonderful and challenging opportunity to develop as a player and a theatre maker, enjoying playing servants because they are more interesting as characters.

I am an Italian Fool. All my work uses Fooling as a fundamental tool. I met with Franki in 1996, and worked with her all over Europe both as a player, as an assistant and as her Italian organiser and translator.

As far as I see it, Fooling is a wonderful way to explore Commedia dell’Arte.

Contact Lorenzo: Lorenzo(at)pifferaio.it           Web: http://www.lorenzobocchese.it

Booking closes July28th


AutumnPic 6 July 2013

the fool workshops

The Fool in Tintagel Dance and Play Days   1st Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of the month

The Fool Workshop

Weekend September 13+14   Contact: franki(at)theemptyspace.org

Two Fool Semnars in Berlin

19+20 October Fool Master-class (is that an oxymoron?)


21-25 October (for experienced fools)    Being and Performing

Intensifying levels of being to deepen the quality of connection with ones-selves and an audience and bringing it to playfulness.

ffi + to book Contact Kerstin, kerstin(at)kerstinotto.com

Booking closes on August 31st.



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